Friday, July 31, 2015

Solidify the Future and Name Greg Brown Head Coach in Waiting

Whenever I run into other fans at games, around campus, on the golf course or wherever, by far and away the most asked question is always "who will be the next head coach?". It is a topic that everyone has different opinions on and with the success Coach York has had the past fifteen plus years, it is without a doubt the best job in college hockey. I have no clue how long Coach York will be around, I sure as heck hope it is for another 6 of 7 years and his contract does run through the 2019-20 season. I think being a coach at any major D1 school is tough, let alone at BC but if there is any 70 something that has the motor to keep on going, it is Coach York. Ask anyone that plays for him or coaches with him, he is always the most energetic guy on the ice every single day and I am certain that will continue for the next couple years, coinciding  with what should be a fantastic next few seasons for the maroon and gold, especially if they can keep this recruiting momentum going.

We all know that the most important thing in this business is recruiting and with archrival Boston University back from the dead, Providence winning a National Title, and Cav revamping UConn, winning the top end guys is as tough as it has ever been. The way recruiting has evolved in this sport, the staff has to start getting commitments from guys that wouldn't be here for another three, four, or even five years, a time period in which no one really knows where the program will be at. That is why I think AD Brad Bates should name associate head coach Greg Brown the head coach in waiting as soon as possible, because it would give the program an enormous amount of stability going forward. When they bring these extremely young kids in for visits, they can say unequivocally that if Coach York isn't here when you get to campus, Coach Brown and hopefully Coach Ayers will be there to insure that the operation is the same as it was when Coach York was here. Kids are not going to want to commit to a program and then have the whole thing change when a coach from the outside gets brought in because it totally changes everything that led them to the school.

Naysayers will say "Bates should go through the whole process and hire the best candidate" and point to Coach Brown's lack of head coaching experience but I think that whole argument is highly overrated. Does it really make a difference if he is a head coach between now and when Coach York retires? He is still going to recruit the same amount that he already does, he will have to implement a X's and O's strategy for whatever team he were to go to (something he already does at BC), what difference does it make? Mike Cavanaugh had no head coaching experience in college hockey, neither did Dave Hakstol, David Quinn, or Dick Umile and last time I checked, all of those guys are doing okay at their respective locations.

Coach Brown represents everything that is right with Boston College and it's hockey program. We can't afford to lose him and that is why he should be our head coach in waiting.

Go Eagles


  1. Agreed with one caveat...

    With York's remaining term being unknown, is Brown necessarily willing to wait until York steps down for a head coaching gig? I hope so, but obviously a number of programs would love to hire Brown tomorrow. Combine that with York's energy and the fact we can never tell him it is time to hang them up, and just makes you curious if someone is willing to take on the coach-in-waiting for an indefinite number of years. Having said that, Brown obviously has immense ties to BC and is a loyal guy, so I would certainly think if anyone were willing to do so it is him.

  2. I don't think that we should ever ever ever consider asking anyone involved with the hockey program to step down, especially Coach York but i do think he would 100% support naming Coach Brown his successor before he steps down. It is a difficult topic because Bates does value HC expirence

  3. Totally agree this, but I think it should be up to Coach York as two whom and when to announce.

  4. I agree with you BCMIke. Should be his call.

    1. Yeah my wording may have been confusing. I agree Sir York should only leave when he wants to on his terms. My point was is Coach Brown willing to sign on as coach-in-waiting when nobody knows how long that wait will be? As a comparison, SU named Hopkins the bball coach-in-waiting but Boeheim already announced when he is retiring.