Wednesday, August 26, 2015

BC Picks Up First 2001 Prospect

BC continued to load up on recruits for a couple years down the road as 6'2 goalie Spencer Knight Mid-Fairfield Rangers) pledged for the fall of 2019. Of course, the year of arrival is always subject to change but USHR described Knight as the "best 13 (now 14) year old goalie we have seen in a couple of years" in November. According to reports, Knight was tremendous at the Harvard Showcase last weekend and was a highly sought after recruit.

Of course, no one can project what will happen in four years time but right now, it seems that BC has their goaltending situation set in stone for the next five or six years. Demko is obviously the go to guy this season, Woll will fill his shoes for the next three or four years, and then Knight will take the reigns. The question of whether or not the staff should be recruiting kids this young is something that is totally out of their control. The way the recruiting game is set up these days, they have to start getting these kids before they verbal to other institutions.

No matter what anyone thinks of the age issue, there is no denying that BC got themselves a heck of a goaltender this afternoon.

Go Eagles !

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