Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Recruiting Links

I know some of you are not on Twitter so I wanted to pass along these two recruiting links.

The first is a total clown show from the International Scouting Service, which listed the top 30 freshmen in college hockey. Of course, BC had two of the top four guys (White #1, Bracco #4) along with Chris Brown (#17) but in what was perhaps the most stunning thing I saw all day, Miles Wood was not on the list. Sure, it is awesome that college hockey has so many top end guys coming in this year but not one of them made the US World Jr team last season. Miles Wood did. It's a complete joke that he isn't on there. Here is the list

On the good side of things, SB Nation's Jeff Cox, who is as neutral as it gets when it comes to this stuff, ranked BC the #1 recruiting class in Hockey East. It takes someone that really dislikes BC to say that a class with the #21 overall pick, one of the highest scoring players in NTDP history, and the only freshman to make the WJC team, is not the #1 class. Unfortunately, those people are all around the internet but be sure to pray for them because they are in for a long year.

Let's be honest for a second. These rankings don't really matter that much but it just goes to show just how much people will not give BC any credit. How in the world is Miles Wood not on that list? How? How can one take a glance at BC's projected lineup and not say they're the preseason number one team? Am I lenient towards BC? Of course I am, but I've been around long enough to know that this the best forward group Coach York has ever had yet they're not everyone's preseason number one. Insane. Again, all these preseason rankings don't pull too much weight but it just goes to show that the anti-BC media machine is once again gaining steam.

Go Eagles

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  1. Agreed that BC should be the pre-season #1. How many other teams have 2 1st rounders on their team, as well as numerous 2nd rounders?