Thursday, October 22, 2015

Staff Lands Top NTDP Forward

NTDP U17 forward Logan Hutsko, a former Penn State commit, announced his intentions of playing at Boston College this evening, another big get in what has been an outstanding four months of recruiting for the staff. Hutsko, a New Jersey native, has recorded 5 points in 10 games so far this season for the U17 team. Hutsko notched 90 points in 45 games last season for Shattuck St Marys, a program that has certainly produced some terrific players over the years. I have not seen him play so I won't pretend I know what I'm talking about but Over the Boards described Hutsko as "a 5'9 playmaker with elite vision."

I've said it numerous times over the past few weeks and I will say it again, it's hard to put into words how good BC's recruiting has been lately but unfortunately, no one in the media, with the exception of a few guys, wants to talk about. BC's fall of 2017 class that includes Hutsko, Joe Cassetti, Jacob Tortora, and possibly a few more along the road, will provide an enormous amount of offense to an Eagle squad that will probably lose most of it's current big guns by that time. Hutsko and Tortora are more Bracco/Gaudreau type players while Cassetti is a big power forward, similar to Alex Tuch. 

Obviously, it's impossible to predict how these guys will develop and what current players will still be here when that class arrives but for now, we can all rest easy knowing the staff has a couple of fantastic recruiting classes coming in over the next four years. 

CC preview coming later tonight. 

Go Eagles 

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