Monday, December 7, 2015

White and Fitzgerald In/Tuch Out For World Jr Camp

USA Hockey released the roster for the World Jr camp which will be held next week at Walter Brown Arena. Among those on the list were current BC freshmen Colin White and Casey Fitzgerald but perhaps the most glaring absence was Alex Tuch. The sophomore out of Baldwinsville, New York played with Jack Eichel on the first line for the Americans a season ago but due to his slow start this season, he was not named to the roster.

I was shocked at the moves. If you told me in August that Casey Fitzgerald would be on the camp roster and Alex Tuch wouldn't be, I might have considered you to be insane. I'm sure the US staff was at a bunch of BC games this year, in fact, I know they were in Boston this weekend and Colorado Springs last month, but I don't know if ten bad games should serve as the main basis for Tuch's exclusion. I assume Tuch found out earlier than the rest of us did which would explain why he seemed to be playing at such a high level over the past week or so.  Hopefully, he can use this as a catalyst for a strong second half.

I'm absolutely thrilled for the other two Eagles. We all know how good Colin White is and I wouldn't be surprised if he plays a major role for the Americans, but how about Casey Fitzgerald? I could not be more impressed with the way he has performed in the first half and I look forward to seeing him progress as the season goes on.

Jeremy Bracco was also left off the list but as I said yesterday, I'm going to say anything about that.

Go Eagles.

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