Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Fresh off a sweep of Vermont, the Eagles are flying high at #3 in the pairwise and #1 in the Hockey East standings. This weekend, they will face-off against a UMass-Lowell team that is unbeaten in its past three games, which includes a 6-3 drubbing of Boston University.

In terms of team health, the only question mark right now is Chris Calnan, who has been sidelined for the past two weeks due to a lower body injury. Over that period of time, he has been wearing a walking boot but I think there might be an outside chance he plays this weekend- they don't want to rush it. A few fans have suggested resting some guys on Saturday if they're able to pick up the regular season title on Friday but I don't think that will happen. Their goal is to get the #1 overall seed and from what I can tell, that can only be attained if they win out.

Congrats to Mike Matheson who played his first game with the Florida Panthers on Saturday night. In my opinion, Matheson's story is exactly what you want to see in a BC Hockey player. He earned his degree in just over three years and is now in a position to have a successful NHL career.

Here is the projected NCAA tournament bracket, if it started today.


1. Quinnipiac vs 16. Robert Morris (Atlantic winner)

7. Yale vs 10. Boston University

St Paul-

2. St Cloud vs 15. Michigan Tech (WCHA winner)

8. Denver vs 9. Notre Dame


3. Boston College vs 14. Cornell

5. Michigan vs 11. Nebraska Omaha


4. North Dakota vs 13. Lowell

5. Providence vs 12. Harvard

I could see them switching PC and Michigan but we have a long ways to go until we have to worry about this.

Nothing to report in terms of recruiting.

Boston College announced that it was committing $200 million towards the athletics department on Monday. It appears that this money will go towards a new student recreation center, a practice facility for the football team, and a new stadium for the baseball program.

I was a bit surprised that there was nothing about renovations to Conte Forum but I understand that football is the main concern amongst the administration and alumni. Hopefully, they can put together the funds to refurbish some of the hockey facilities at some point in the future.

That is all I got. Go Eagles.


  1. I see the gambling paid off nice!! Haha #shadyeagles