Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My thoughts on "Frozen Fenway" sequal

Today Hockey East announced that on January 7th UMass will play Vermont and Maine will play UNH at Fenway Park. This is a great move for Hockey East but lets be honest, your going to have another "Frozen Fenway" without BC, BU, or NU ? that is just extremely strange to me. Yes UNH vs Maine is a good matchup but UMass vs Vermont ? are you kidding me ? thats pathetic. UMass is terrible and UVM is going through a rebuilding process. It just shocks me that Hockey East is actually going to have a hockey game at Fenway and NOT include a team from the Boston area. UNH Maine is a great rivalry but what about BC BU again ?  ok maybe not BC BU again as that was a night to forget but UMASS VERMONT ????? that could be two of the worst teams in all of Hockey East next year. Im embarrassed.

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