Monday, August 22, 2011

Taking a look at.......The Northeastern Huskies

Things are changing on Huntington Ave, to say the least. This year the Huskies will have a new coach in Jim Madigan and virtually a whole new team from last year. I can't believe im saying this but this year I am really not scared of NU. NU always seems to give BC a really hard time, but this year im just not seeing it in this young Huskie team lead by Madigan. Don't get me wrong I believe Madigan is a solid hire but not an amazing hire. He doesn't have any head coaching experience anywhere and Hockey East is a tough place to start due to the amount of talent. I can't tell you how pumped I am to visit the Doghouse this year to see how the Huskies will match up with an elite team. The Huskies loose their whole first line and their best two underclassmen in Jamie Olesiak and Brodie Reid (not to mention they have lost almost all recruits). They return goalie Chris Rawlings, Alex Tuckerman, and Steve Qualier.

Key Losses- Steve Silva, Brodie Reid, Jamie Olesiak, Tyler McNeely, and Wade Macleod.

Key Returnees- Chris Rawlings, Steve Qualier

Prediction- Eight in Hockey East loose to The Eagles in the first round

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