Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eagles complete weekend sweep of Lowell with 6-3 win.

Steve Whitney had a goal and an assist in the win.
Going into this weekend, BC was #1 in Hockey East, and coming out of the weekend BC is still in first. Mission accomplished, but there were some real problems in tonight's 6-3 win over a tough Lowell team that never gave up all weekend. BC had goals from Destry Striaght, Johnny Gaudreau, Chris Kreider (2), Steve Whitney and Bill Arnold. You look at the scoreboard an go "wow, BC must have been all over Lowell ". You could not be more wrong. Lowell skated harder and looked like they wanted it more out there but the problem for the Riverhawks was they gave up two crucial PP goals to BC. For much of the first, BC controlled the pace and outshot the Riverhawks 14-13 and held a 4-1 advantage after one. Now for some reason, after the first twenty minutes of play, BC just seemed to turn the dial for the worse. Lowell dominated the last two frames, outshooting BC 27-10 over the final forty minutes. Parker Milner was able to stop 37 Riverhawk shots but looked very shaky at times after giving up a terrible first goal in which he sort of fumbled the puck when he had it and the Hawks were all over it to score. The defense struggled tonight after a great game last night. Edwin Shea and Brooks Dyroff were just giving the puck away to many times and Dyroff was beat to many times on one on one battles. Thanks to the usual stars like Krieder, Gaudreau, and Arnold, BC was able to get two points. But if this continues vs a very good Maine team next week, the result may be different.

Why the Eagles won 

1. The skill and speed were to much for Lowell. I think BC wore down Lowell at times and if your standing still vs BC like Lowell was at times (but not many) the Eagles will take advantage.

2. Lowell got to many bad penalties. If Lowell stayed out of the box and it was 5-5 hockey the whole time, this game would have a different outcome.

3. The Power Play was very good. 2/4 on the PP is a recipe for a win. Great pass by Pat Mullane on the first PP goal.


1. The effort was not there at times during the third period. Lot if credit to Lowell here for shutting down BC in the third period. I think after BC walked into the dressing room after the first with a 4-1 lead, they decided to shut it off.

2. Losing Pat Wey is going to haunt this team. Pat Wey is one of the best defenseman on this team and it shows because the team is clearly missing him. If BC is going to try to fix this problem, they need to find someone who can fill in because Mark Begert (Friday night) and Brooks Dyroff (Tonight) were off.

Player of the game- Chris Kreider. Two goals for Kreider helped lead BC.

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