Friday, October 28, 2011

Eagles sneak by Lowell to maintain first place in Hockey East.

My player of the game, Issac MacLeod

I am starting to notice a trend around Hockey East. It's not easy to win in another team's barn. BC once again walked out of Tsongas arena with a close 4-2 win over Norm Bazin's Riverhawks. The Riverhawks sustained some pressure in the BC zone but thanks to strong games from Edwin Shea, Parker Milner and Issac MacLeod, BC was able to clear away any Riverhawk opportunities. With the win, BC improved to 6-1 on the year and undefeated on the road. If you look at it, BC has beaten North Dakota, UNH, Northeastern, and Lowell in their own barns, thats impressive to say the least. Lowell really came after the Eagles by throwing their bodies around and trying to sustain a high pressured forcheck on a BC defense that was steady (for the most part) all night. The penalties and the officiating were better tonight but one thing thats needs to stop is getting penalties on the man advantage. It's happend a few to many times this year to BC and it needs to stop because it's taking a huge advantage right away. 

Why the Eagles won 

1. Much better D zone play tonight as opposed to last weekend. I said MacLeod and Shea needed to step up in the absence of Wey, and they did just that. 

2. Parker Milner is proving everyone wrong. A lot of people, including myself at times questioned if Parker Milner could be the goaltender BC needed him to be. He has done just that through seven games.

3. Limiting Lowell's chances. Yes, Lowell outshot BC, but the Eagles did a better job of limiting grade A chances for Lowell. 

4. Johnny Gaudreau. Buy a ticket, watch this kid play. I promise it will be worth the money. The kid is spectacular, he is now tied for second in goals behind Billy Arnold. 


1. Not many tonight. Not as many chances created as the NU game, but a solid defensive game makes up for that. 

Player of the game- Issac MacLeod. After a tough week last week, came back in top form. Great job by Issac. 

Next Game- Tomorrow night vs Lowell @ Conte. 

Fun Note- BC is now 5 points ahead of BU in Hockey East ! BU is horrible !

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