Monday, November 14, 2011

Looking back at a wildly disappointing weekend

Any weekend when you lose to those Terriers is considered a tough weekend, no matter the circumstances. The Eagles were able get off on the right foot with an exciting win vs NU on Friday in which Tommy Cross scored a goal with 2.8 seconds to go to give the Eagles win. The Eagles seemed to be right back on track but once again, the inconstancy of this team showed on Sunday vs BU. BC was flat right from the get go and really got it taken to them from start to finish by a BU team that I was very impressed with. Our PP is horrible at the moment for two reasons. We can't seem win a faceoff if our lives depended on it, neither center Arnold or Mullane can find a way to win it back to the point to get the PP set up. Another problem is the defensive parings on both units. Paul Carey has really struggled from the left point postion on the unit with the Hayes line and Brain Doumoulin (who also had his worst game in a BC uniform). BC now looks forward to it's two biggest non conference games on the schedule with Notre Dame this weekend and Yale next. Time to get down to business, no more of those games I saw vs UMass and BU or else this team won't do anything this year. Never again will BU celebrate on our home ice, it's embarrassing to see them skating around on our ice after crushing us 5-0. It's an image that this team must take with them the next time these teams meet on December 2nd and 3rd.

Looking ahead to Friday now. This game @ Notre Dame is huge for BC. If the Eagles can squeak out a win in a tough environment vs a very very good hockey team, the reward would be a great amount of pairwise points. Losing to BU leaves an awful taste in my mouth as it should with those players after that horrific performance in front of their fans that came down to watch them play their archrival and I guess the BC players were looking forward to a party or something because they sure didn't want to be playing hockey vs  Jack Parker and the Terriers. That performance was unacceptable and based on past results, will never happen again, hopefully. To be the best you have to want to be the best, and the way this team is playing as of late it looks like they don't want to be the best. They want to go out and give it fifty percent vs their archrival and yet they still think they can win. Until next time,


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