Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Coach York: The Greatest

Coach York and the team after his 900th win. 
When you talk to someone at say ESPN about the best coaches in the history of NCAA division one athletics, mostly all of them will say the names Wooden, Coach K, Summit, Bryant, and maybe Sabin. The name almost all of them will leave out is the best coach in the history of college hockey, Jerry York. There are a lot of great coaches this sport has seen (Berenson, Mason, Parker, and Comley) but none are compared to the legend that is Coach Jerry York. Simply put it, he is the greatest figure in this schools athletics history, the greatest figure in Hockey East history, and the greatest figure in the history of NCAA hockey. What is the best part about Coach York ? His enthusiasm for the sport of hockey. It could be -10 degrees outside, the team could be in a rough stretch, and the other coaches may be tired from recruiting but everyday/night Coach York lives by the term "Everyday is a great day for hockey". One player told me this year that they obviously want to win games for the school and standings etc but they also don't want to lose for the man that gave the opportunity to come to this wonderful school. The biggest thing you have to do as a coach is you have to have the kids buy into your system, no matter the sport. At Boston College, Coach York not only gets kids to buy into his system but he gets them so excited to play night in and night out.

I think when you compare BC to other college hockey programs around the country, the way that Coach and his team go about business is as close to professional as it gets. Like I said in an earlier post, there has never been a better mix of a coach, disciplinarian, and person like Jerry York. With all of the problems going on in college athletics today, it just makes BC and Coach York look that much better. Boston College is certainly a model program for every other program in the sport to follow. You will never meet a man that loves what he does more than Coach York. I mean, the man loves Boston College, specifically BC hockey. Many players have said that Coach York is like a second father for them and he is certainly a role model for the players on that team and people like me who are always looking to be a " good person" such as Jerry York is.

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