Friday, May 4, 2012

Where Does This Team Rank Among The Best Hockey East Teams of All Time ?

The title above, "Where does this BC team rank among the all time best in Hockey East " ? is certainly a good one and could be a great debate. Here is what I have to say, I think this is the third best team in the history of Hockey East. The first place team without a doubt is the 1993 Maine Black Bears who steamrolled everyone and went 42-1-2 on their way to a National Title. The second best time in my opinion is the 2001 Boston College Eagles. When you look at this team compared to the 01 Eagles, you could certainly make the argument that this is the more talented squad but 01 Eagles just didn't miss a beat. Other teams that would be up there are the 2010 Eagles and the 2009 and 1995 Terriers. When I look at this team, because of their slow start I don't think it's fair to put them above the 2001 squad or the 93 Black Bears. If the team played like they did post Maine series in the beginning of the year, then maybe we would be talking about the best Hockey East team ever. I mean compare the 01 and 12 teams and you see some striking similarities. Both teams won the Hockey East championship, Beanpot championship (Both over BU !), and National Championship in dominating fashion. I guess thats just the DNA of a Jerry York coached hockey team, you don't lose in the playoffs. Anyways, the 09 BU team was admittedly pretty darn good as they had Matt Gilroy and Collin Wilson to help them to their 5th National Championship. I'm not saying this in a bias way or anything but that was not the best Hockey East team I have ever seen. sure they were good but we managed to play them tough three times out of four and should have beat them in the Hockey East semifinals. UNH has also had some good teams but unlike the Eagles, the DNA for a UNH hockey team is to just completely throw it in reverse come playoff time.  Some other teams that could also be in the top five are the 99 Black Bears (National Champs), 2011 Eagles, 99 UNH Wildcats, and the 2004 Maine Black Bears. So here is my final list..

1. 1993 Maine Black Bears 

2. 2001 Boston College Eagles 

3. 2012 Boston College Eagles 

4. 2009 Boston University Terriers

5. 2010 Boston College Eagles 

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