Saturday, May 5, 2012

Recruiting Update

Now that it's the offseason, the news everyone wants to know about is what is happening in the land of recruiting. The big news this week was that Jack Eichel (96, Jr Bruins), committed to the other school down Comm Ave instead of the nicer one. I think everyone (including myself) was surprised by this move especially with the type of success that BC is having and what is going on down on the ugly side of the street. Anyways, this really isn't a huge loss as the Eagles have already landed the biggest 2015 recruit out there in Noah Hanifin (St Sebastians ) and also picked up Colin White (Nobles) for the following year. In regards to next years class, I think the two big guns of the class are Mike Matheson (defenseman) and Frank Vatrano (forward) both of whom will need to have a big impact on the team next year. Matheson, along with Travis Jeke and Teddy Doherty will need to fill in the big shoes left open thanks to the losses of Cross, Dumoulin, and Shea. I think up front is where this team is going to be really strong next year. Yes we lose three really key guys in Paul Carey, Chris Kreider, and Barry Almeida but guys like Steven Whitney, Pat Mullane, and Bill Arnold are primed for big seasons next year (Not to mention some guy named Johnny Gaudreau). Now, there are a lot of rumors out there that Collin Sullivan, a former Yale commit, has now decided on BC. Sullivan is a Montreal Canadiens draft pick and is "a highly skilled two way defenseman" - a Canadiens message board. I am pretty sure Sullivan is coming here but I just don't know what year. If he were to come next year, it would certainly be a big help for the team.

Overall, I think next years class is going to be pretty solid when it's all said and done. Is it as good as the 13 class ? No, but some players in this class could really end up being good players. Like I said earlier, whoever the defenseman are next year, they are going to need to play some really solid hockey in order for this team to be good. On the scheduling front, Merrimack released their schedule and they will come to Conte on 11/16 and we will go up their on the 15th and 23 of February. Well, thats all I have for you tonight. The 5k Race For Education was great as everyone on the team was there for it. Great to see that kind of support from the guys on a Saturday afternoon.

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