Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Top 10 Biggest Goals Since 2001.

Last nights post about the top ten non Frozen Four games in recent BC hockey history got me thinking, what are the top 10 goals scored in that same amount of time. Yes, there are thousands of goals to chose from but I think I have a good idea of what ones stand out. I bet if you thought about it, some come directly to mind. You don't even have to look too far back as we all remember Johnny G's goal in the final versus Ferris State and Billy Arnolds OT winner to beat Parker and the Terriers. The best player I have ever seen (I don't remember Gionta to well because I was too young) Nathan Gerbe scored some unbelievably clutch goals to help lead the 08 Eagles to a National Championship. So here it is, the top ten goals since the 2001 season.

1. Krys Kolanos' OT winner versus North Dakota in the 2001 championship. No if's, but's, or what if's. This is by far and away the biggest goal in the history of Boston College hockey. Krys Kolanos' OT winner is one of the great moments in BC athletics history along with Fluite's pass.

2. Johnny Gaudreau's goal in the 2012 championship versus Ferris State. Some may argue with this one but we're not talking about some 6'3 dominating senior that scored this goal. We're talking about a FRESHMAN that is smaller than I am on feet. Just sensational in every way. The best part ? He's coming back next year.

3. Ben Eaves' goal versus Michigan is the 2004 Northeast Regional final. This is a memorable one by a player that will always be remembered for his skill. The way Eaves scored it was just phenomenal. The Michigan fans in Manchester were just shocked beyond belief.

4. Billy Arnold's OT winner in the 2012 Beanpot versus archrival Boston University. Ok, how long did you think it was going to be until I brought one up against the Terriers ? Billy Arnold's goal will forever go down as the goal that officially ended the Terrier domination of the Beanpot and continued the amazing success of the Eagles.

5. Nathan Gerbes two goals/four points in the 2008 National Championship versus rival Notre Dame. To this day, I have never seen a player in college hockey that can basically carry a whole team to the top of the world. I mean think about it, in every big game that year Nathan Gerbe scored at least one goal. That game was the best of his BC career.

6. Chris Kreider's goal in the 2010 Beanpot versus archrival Boston University. Ok, this may bot be the absolute biggest goal in BC hockey history but the way it happend just sums up the wonderful career of Chris Kreider. He got the puck, turned on the jets, and flat out embarrassed BU defenseman Max Nicastro before putting the puck in the net.

7. Joe Whitney's OT goal in the 2008 Northeast regional final versus Miami. Like I said yesterday in the top ten games post, that goal was just one of many clutch ones in Joe Whitney's career at Boston College.

8. Nathan Gerbe's OT game winner in the first round of the 2008 Beanpot semifinals versus archrival Boston University. The goalie for BU on that night is still looking for the puck as I write. He doesn't know what happend to it. Anyways, that was certainly a great night to be an Eagle fan.

9. Every single goal in the 2006 beatdown of BU in Worcester. That was to this day, the happiest I have ever been as a BC hockey fan besides the Beanpot and National Championships. Brian Boyle's goal early on stands out.

10. Steve Whitney's goal versus Northeastern in the 2011 Hockey East semifinals. You don't see a play from college hockey get voted the #1 play of the day on Sports Center too often. Well, Steven Whitney made it happen with his highlight reel goal on NU's Chris Rawlings.

I am sure there are others that you guys would put on here instead of a couple I have. It is certainly an interesting discussion so let's hope we get some more next year.

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