Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top 10 Most Memorable Non Frozen Four games since 2000

Joe Rooney beats BU goalie John Curry in the 06 regional.
Ever since the year 1998 when Boston College began it's journey to becoming the best program in college hockey like it is today, there have been many memorable games. Finding the top 10 non Frozen Four games is tough but if you think about the Beanpot, Hockey East tournament, and NCAA regionals, you could easily pick out some very memorable games in the history of Boston College hockey. So without further adieu, here are the top ten non Frozen Four games in the last twelve years.

1. BC 5 BU 0- 2006 Northeast Regional Final. Thanks to two goals from Joe Rooney and stellar games from star forward Brian Boyle and goalie Cory Schneider, BC embarrassed BU in front of a sell out crowd at the DCU Center. By far the greatest non Frozen Four win in BC hockey history.

2. BC 3 BU 2 OT- 2012 Beanpot. Ok, I promise they all won't be BU games but this win will stay in the hearts of Eagle fans forever. For so long Parker and his Terriers have dominated the Beanpot but this win signified a real change in Beanpot hockey.

3. BC 4 Miami 3 OT- 2008 Northeast regional final. Joe Whitney's goal just twelve minutes into overtime lifted the Eagles to what was a big time upset over the top ranked Redhawks. BC scored three goals in less than three minutes towards the end of the second period.

4. BC 3 Michigan 2 OT- 2004 Northeast regional final. Ben Eaves scored one of the more memorable goals in BC hockey history when he knocked a puck out of the air in OT versus Red Berenson's Wolverines.

5. BC 3 Harvard 2 OT- 2008 Beanpot. BC and Harvard have had a competitive rivalry in the history of the two schools but no game may top the 2008 Beanpot final. Defenseman Nick Petricki scored the winner for BC halfway through OT. His celebration after the goal may be memorable than the goal itself.

6. BC 7 Maine 6- 2010 Hockey East final. In what was to this day one of the best hockey games I have ever witnessed, BC edged rival Maine for a league leading 10th (now 12) tournament title. Maine tied it up with just seconds left before Matt Lombardi scored the biggest goal of his career to give BC the edge in OT.

7. BC 7 NU 6- 2011 Beanpot Final. No one gave Northeastern a shot to win this game against the high powered Eagles but the Huskies nearly pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Beanpot history. Thanks to Jimmy Hayes' rebound goal in OT, the Eagles escaped with a second straight Beanpot title, the 16th in program history (Now 17).

8. BC 4 Merrimack - January 2012. 800 wins. I have witnessed a lot of cool events over the period of time I have been attending BC hockey games but no regular season game tops this, for me. When Coach York passes Ron Mason for first all time next year, that will certainly be in the top five.

9. BC 5 UNH 4 3 OT's- 2008 Hockey East semifinal game. One thing that I remember about this game- It was just too long. Benn Ferriero scored the game winner just :43 seconds into the third OT though.

10. BC 9 BU 5- December 2010. I have to end it with another BU one. There really is no better feeling in the world than going into that awful place and coming out with a victory. The nine goals given up by the BU goalies was one of the worst goaltending performances I have ever seen.


  1. Nice job on the Rooney picture. He is a good frend of mine. I've been to numbers 2 and 7. They were both great games. Great list Mike!

  2. Thanks Danny. 2 and 7 were both fantastic hockey games. #1 was just too good though.

  3. Love number 3! Even though I was there I will still always remember the call from Buccigross "Heeeerrre comes Danny Bertram, Bertram has Gannon. Bertram has room the shot, save, rebound in front, backhand GOAAAAALLLL!! Boston College is going to Denver!" Will never forget that play. Here a video to enjoy of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLBS2hTe98A (also love the look on Enrico Blasi's face!)