Monday, July 9, 2012

Coach Cav Says No to UMass and Eagles in Camp

As reported earlier today, Coach Mike Cavanaugh has decided to take his name out of consideration for the head coaching vacancy at UMass-Amherst. I spoke with Coach Cav earlier today and he said "Not much to say about it (the job)...just was not interested in the job". If you are any candidate right now, not just Coach Cav, you have to be very disappointed about the way the UMass AD is handling this search. It is one thing to be denied by multiple guys behind closed doors and it is another to be denied in public. I am not going to go into my huge lecture on why Coach Cav should have been hired for this job because obviously, he did not want it. As we move closer and closer to the fall, UMass is going to need to hire a guy and they need to do it real quick. Whoever UMass hires, the guy will have some talent to work with as the Minutemen return some key guys but all of these guys were either coached by Toot Cahoon for an extended period of time or they were recruited by him. Not a good situation if you are a Minuteman fan. While Coach Cav is out of consideration for the job, Coach Brown is still a candidate and may have a shot at landing the job depending on what the committee decided on in their meeting earlier tonight. Hopefully, we find out what happens this week.

As for the defending National Champions, a whole bunch of future/current/former Eagles are currently attending NHL development camps across North America this week. A grand total of fourteen (Parker Milner was at two camps) future/current/former Eagles attended camps either this week or last including former captain Tommy Cross and goalie Parker Milner who were both at Bruins (Milner also at Red Wings) camp last week. Future Eagles Chris Calnan (Chicago), Adam Gilmour (Minnesota), and Frank Vatrano (Calgary) were also invited to their respective teams' camps. Here is a list of all Eagles currently in camp-

Calgary- Johnny G and Frank Vatrano (incoming freshman)

Pittsburgh- Brian Dumoulin and Philip Samuelsson

Washington- Barry Almeida and Pat Wey

Detroit- Parker Milner

Boston- Parker Milner and Tommy Cross

Minnesota- Adam Gilmour (a 2013 recruit)

Chicago- Chris Calnan (a 2013 recruit), Pat Mullane, and Kevin Hayes

Florida- Mike Matheson (incoming freshman)

Colorado- Paul Carey

Video- Johnny G at Flames camp

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