Monday, August 27, 2012

BC Hockey-The Essentials

As some of you may have noticed, I made a few changes on the blog over the past week but you can be sure to see more as we get closer to the start of the season. Don't be afraid to email me on any comments or concerns you have over the new look..I appreciate all the advice. As for tonight, I saw a blog post from one of my favorite Hockey East blogs, Fear The Triangle last week on the essentials of the UMass hockey program and did a little more research on some other essentials from other teams such as the Bruins. So let's take a look at the "essentials" of the Boston College Hockey program.

Player: Brian Gionta 

Never before has there been a more talented nor skilled forward in the history of Hockey East than former Eagle Brian Gionta. In his four years at BC, he never had less than 54 points (that includes 62 in his freshman year) and also was the leading scorer in the nation during his senior season. I think it is pretty save to say that no one will ever again step foot on that ice with the speed, skill, and raw talent that one Brian Gionta had. 

Team: 2000-2001 

After numerous years of heartbreak in the Frozen Four to teams like Maine, Michigan, and North Dakota, the 2001 Eagles were finally able to break down the barriers that kept this program from winning a second National Championship. Led by Gionta, Krys Kolanos, Chuck Kobasew, and goalie Scott Clemmensen, the Eagles were able to win the Beanpot, Hockey East championship, and National Championship all in one season for the first time ever (but certainly not the last). While there have been some great teams as of late, no BC team has yet (and may never)  match up to the 2001 squad. 

Goal: 2001 National Championship OT Winner 

Chris Kolanos' goal in the 2001 National Championship game to give BC it's first championship in  52 years will go down as the greatest moment in BC athletics history (Sorry football fans). I mean you never know..what would have happend if the Sioux had won that game ? Would BC Hockey be where it is right now ? I am not going to say no but in reality, if that puck does not go in, we may not be here saying the Eagles have won 3 National Championships in the past 5 years. 

Game: BC 5 BU 0- 2006 NCAA Regionals 

I know, the 2001 National Championship game (and other championships) is #1 but I want to go with something totally unrelated to the 2001 team because everything I have so far circles around that club. There are certainly a bunch of games to choose from but in my opinion, none come close to this one. I mean come on, beating Jack Parker and his Terriers in the NCAA's by 5 GOALS ??? Does it get any better than that ? One word-No. 

Coach: Jerry York 

Ya, this was a real tough one...real tough. Not so much. Snooks and Lenny Ceglarski were both outstanding coaches and coached some great teams here at BC but neither had nearly the success that Coach York has had. Four National Championships, 6 Beanpots, 9 Hockey East titles, and the list goes on and on. Not a lot of coaches can come to a school and take them from the bottom of the league and bring them to the Frozen Four in a matter of four years.. Coach York did and for that, he will remembered not just as the best coach in BC Hockey history, but in the history of college hockey. 

Program Nemesis: Jack Parker 

For so long, Jack Parker and BU dominated BC in every big game and made BC basically irrelevant in Hockey East. His BU teams have always been BC's biggest obstacle in obtaining glory whether it be in the Beanpot, Hockey East tournament or the NCAA's. In the late 80's and all throughout the 90's BU dominated the Eagles but soon some guy named York came to the rescue. And every since he came back to The Heights, the Eagles have been able to turn the tide in this heated rivalry back towards the good end of Comm Ave. 

Most Feared Opposing Player: Peter MacArthur (BU)

When I talk about an opposing player that I most feared, none will ever top Peter MacArthur. Every time this guy stepped on the ice, he seemed to score a goal or at least generated an opportunity for the Terriers against the Eagles. None will top the winning goal in the 06 Beanpot but who cares, we still won the NCAA game. 

Conte Forum Tradition- Alma Mater

I don't think there is any other team in Hockey East that stays on the ice post game whether it's a win or a loss to listin to the schools Alma Mater. I've always thought the whole thing was pretty cool and it makes Conte a little bit unique when compared to opposing arenas. Hopefully, the crowds at hockey games can get even better as the years go on and the team does better. 

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  1. I think the 5-0 was even sweeter due to the fact that we were 1-4 against them that season and they appeared to be unstoppable. They weren't. I'd also nominate the recent Frozen Four semi-final games against North Dakota. Nothing better than a back and forth game that produces a BC win.

  2. North Dakota games are always fun. That win in 2008 over them was nice,

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  4. Gionta scored 5 goals in 12 minutes vs Maine in January 2001.

    I have a video of it somewhere. It was one of the most memorable moments in one of BC's most memorable seasons.