Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reports-Another Terrier on the Way Out

Photo by Matt Dresens 
BU Senior forward Justin Courtnall is leaving school according to reports. Courtnall, one of the biggest goons in Hockey East, will sign an entry level agrement with the Boston Bruins. With Courtnall on the way out, the Terriers have now lost seven players from last seasons team, including starting forwards Alex Chiasson, Chirs Connolly, and Courtnall.


  1. Not going to miss him as a person, for sure, but I hate this major trend of leaving early. I'm sure you saw, but there was an article (below) on imagining a college friendly CBA coming out of this labor dispute at the NHL level. They made it pretty clear that "imagining" was probably as far as it would get.

    What I found interesting was that Canadian major juniors has an agreement with the NHL that makes a pro team be extra sure that they want to take a kid. The same structure wouldn't work with college hockey, but there's a precedent for a relationship with a feeder league, at least.

  2. I see it more as a BU problem. For some reason, players are leaving there early and in some cases, in the middle of the season or right before it starts. Have to wonder what is really going on over at that place.

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