Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Full Lineup Preview

Most of you probably don't remember the lineup predictions I posted about a month ago (I myself don't remember them) so It thought it would be good to once again look at some line combinations we could see on October 6th vs New Brunswick. Here we go.

Johnny G- Pat Mullane- Danny Linell 

A real power line. Johnny G is the favorite to be Hockey East preseason player of the year and could very well be a Honey Baker candidate come years end. Mix that in with Pat Mullane who has had a solid three years during his career at BC and Danny Linell, someone who will need to step up but has the potential to be a first line guy. The one concern I would have is Linell on the wing but playing with guys like Johnny G and Mullane will certainly boost his numbers and production.

Destry Straight - Bill Arnold- Steven Whitney 

Another line the has the chance to really do some damage on the offensive end for the Eagles. I think Straight will need to adjust a little bit from last season because Chris Kreider isn't coming out of the tunnel this season and he clearly had an impact on Straight's game. Bill Arnold will continue to be the best faceoff man and defensive forward on the team while Whitney will continue to use his heavy offensive arsenal this season. I wouldn't be surprised if he leads the team in goals. This could be a fantastic combination.

Quinn Smith- Kevin Hayes- Frank Vatrano 

This line carries two players in Vatrano and Hayes that have very similar playing styles. Both are not particularly fast but have great strength and NHL caliber shots. Just by watching Vatrano for 45 minutes today, I could see that his physical strength is very evident on the ice. The reason I like Smith on this line over Destry Straight is because Quinn adds that speed dimension that Hayes and Vatrano kind of lack. I don't expect Quinn Smith and Frank Vatrano to light it up all year long but to be honest, I really look for Kevin Hayes to be a top three scorer on this team. If he can do that, this line will be real solid.

Cam Spiro- Mike Sit- Patrick Brown 

I think Brown and Sit are pretty set in stone to play this season but the left wing on this line is a big question mark. I've always thought that if one were needed at any point last season, Cam Spiro would have been the guy to go in. Hopefully, he gets his shot this year. No, this line is not going to score every game or all that often to be honest but it will comprise of guys that work hard in both ends night in and night out. Peter McMullen will also compete for a spot on this line.


Patrick Wey- Teddy Doherty- Keep the veteran with a new, inexperienced freshman.

Patch Alber- Mike Matheson- The best defensive defenseman (Alber) with the highly skilled Matheson.

Isaac Macleod- Travis Jeke- There will be a battle between Jeke and Sullivan for this 6th and final spot. Sullivan, who is injured (but not badly), may be the odd man out.

Power Play Unit One 

Forwards- Johnny G, Mullane, Linell

Defenseman- Whitney and Matheson

Power Play Unit Two 

Forwards- Straight, Hayes, Arnold

Defenseman- Wey and Alber (Don't know about this last defenseman spot. I could see a guy like Vatrano up there)

Goalie- Milner will start with Billett being the backup.


  1. It looks like were able to check out practice yesterday? How did they look in general? Did they look ready to raise a banner and go after another one?

  2. Do you look for more physical play out of Johnny G this year? His skating and puck handling are other-worldly, but he's going to have to get used to being "the guy" this year. Other teams are going to start going after him more, the way they did with Gerbe. How do you think he'll respond to being a target for more hits?