Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Saga Continues

First it was Andrew Glass getting thrown out of school, then the Saponaris, then Charlie Coyle, then Corey Trivino, followed by Max Nicastro and finally this. Boston University hockey continues it's gigantic fall from the championship heights  it achieved just a couple of seasons ago. No, this is not Vermont we are talking about here, we are talking about one of the best programs in this sports history, and one of the great coaches in this sport, going somewhere no one could have ever have imagined. Let's get one thing perfectly clear...no one dislikes BU hockey more than I do and I don't feel sympathetic for that team or that coach very often but come on. Is it really fair for a paper like the Boston Globe to call for Parker's resignation ? Some would say yes but this is not a Joe Paterno type issue here. First of all, the Globe won't even name it's sources in the BU story which landed on their front cover just this week. As a college hockey fan AND as a Boston College hockey fan,  I don't like seeing a legend of our sport getting hammered in the news like this. Do I like Parker ? No, I don't, but do I respect what he has done for college hockey ? Of course. With regards to the party and all of that madness, I don't blame Parker for the actual event because it was just typical BU stupidity out of those players. Did Jack Parker actually know that the party took place and openly lie about it ? I highly doubt it. I don't know Parker but if there is one thing Jack Parker is, it is that he is an honest man who I don't think would tell a lie like that at this point in his career.

Now, would this happen to a Jerry York run program ? Absolutely not. Say what you want about how this can happen anywhere and all that but let's be honest, the kids that come to Boston College to play hockey are not just great players but honest and responsible individuals. I am not saying that the type of players that Parker recruits are not good people but I am saying that he may need to factor in the responsibility part in looking at a future player. Come on Eagle fans ? What would a BC BU rivalry be like without Jack Parker ?

The Eagles will hit the ice for their first (I believe) practice tomorrow. I will have a report on who I think looks good and some of the line combos that will be out there so stay tuned.

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