Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Recruting Update

With a little bit of time before the Eagles take on Dartmouth, let's take a look at how some future Eagles are faring so far in their respective JR leagues.


Adam Gilmour (13)- In 17 games so far this year, Gilmour is third on the team with 13 points (6 goals, 7 assist).

Austin Cangelosi (13)- In 13 games so far this season, Cangelosi has recorded 15 points (7 G, 8 A)...he also has a team high +8 rating for the year.

Conor McGlynn (13)- In 13 games so far this year, McGlynn has recorded 3 points (2 G, 1 A). His rating for the year is currently at -4.

Ian McCoshen (13) Defenseman- In 8 games so far this year, McCoshen, ranked as one of the top prospects for this years draft, has a +13 rating and 4 points.

Matthew Gaudreau (13)- In 11 games so far this year, Gaudreau has recorded 4 points and a -1 rating. Could still wait a year and come in 2014. 13 probably the safer bet.

Sam Piazza (13)- In twelve games so far this season, Piazza has recorded just one point and has a -1 rating. Best news of all is that he is finally healthy after suffering a bad concussion injury last winter.


Chris Calnan  (13)- In 20 games played, Calnan has recorded 29 points for the South Shore Kings, 15 goals and 14 assist.

Ryan Fitzgerald (13). He has only played 11 games for the Valley Jr Warriors because he also went to Europe and played in Buffalo for the All American game (won MVP there). Has 13 points in 11 games.Now playing for US Under 18 I believe.

USA Hockey-

Steve Satini (13) Defenseman- Also ranked one of the best NHL prospects in the USHL the past week, Santini has recorded 14 points in 21 games.

Scott Savage- (13) Defenseman- In 21 games this year, Savage has recorded 7 points.


Evan Richardson (13)-Has a team leading 4 goals and 12 assist in 15 games. Another big recruit at the forward position.

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