Monday, March 11, 2013

Updates From Coach York

Coming off one of their more dominating offensive performances of the season, the Eagles will look to prepare for the Vermont Catamounts this week by doing one main thing: getting healthy. We saw how dangerous BC's offense can be with guys like Whitney, Johnny G, and Arnold at 100 %  so let's take a look at what Coach York had to say this afternoon when myself and Heights Sports Editor Greg Joyce spoke with him about the playoffs and Jack Parker's retirement.

On Patch Alber's return to the lineup: "He (Alber) brings a high level of enthusiasm and is off the charts with how hard he works and we've really missed that with our team, you know, the hard work and enthusiasm about just practicing, it really helped our club today at practice.

On playing UVM for a second straight week- "You know, I was talking to Steve Donahue this morning and they beat Georgia Tech last week and now the pairings come out and they've go to play GT again. I think we have to be ready for a different Vermont team because they're going to be looking for another crack at BC and we understand that. It makes it a harder first round event for us and it all comes down to who plays the best, not just who is the higher seed.

What are the main things you guys are working on to improve this week- Well, we've got to work on our team defense and I think Patch will certainly help us in that area. We moved pucks well and played good offense, our PP was good, our PK was good, I think we just need to be little more tenacious when it comes to 5 on 5 defense.

How will the defensive pairings change with Patch back ?- "We are tinkering with them a little bit now and we'll work on them more as the week goes on but we envision that Patch will play a lot this weekend, something that will help our club".

Reaction to Jack Parker's retirement-" I think there is a sense of sadness over it because we have gone against each other so many times over the years and he's done a great job over @ BU and they're certainly going to miss him when that final whistle blows."

How will the rivalry change with him gone ?- I don't think it will change much because even before he was there or I was here it was a great rivalry and it's just getting better and better as the years go by".

On Steven Whitney's injuries (he didn't practice today)- "Yhea, Steven is beat up with his shoulder and his legs so it's just a rest day for Steven, just a precautionary thing. "

On Mike Matheson's injuries (left halfway through practice)- Ankle will work itself out as week goes by." (Side note- Matheson was highly questionable for Saturday's game but still played through it)

On overall team health- "You know, everyone is a bit banged up a little bit (talking about all the teams) but we're as healthy as we've been with Pat Wey back and now having Patch Alber back, we'd like to get Kevin back but that will not happen. "

On Kevin Hayes' progression- " Surgery went well today and he is going to be able to come back on campus on Wednesday and will be back here to watch the games this weekend. "

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