Monday, September 30, 2013

Decision Time

For the five or six year I've seriously followed Boston College Hockey, I can't ever remember their being a preseason where the staff had to make some cuts to the roster. That's pretty amazing if you think about the talent we have been fortunate enough to watch around here the past few years. Unfortunately, I don't think that streak will continue this season. The staff needs to make some changes to this team simply because there is too many guys that will never see the ice. I'm not going to sit here tonight and make predictions on who will be gone by next Thursday night and who won't be because that would be extremely disrespectful to the staff but even more so the players that walk into the rink each and every day and put their heart on the line for this team and this school. Playing a college sport, let alone at such a prestigious institution like BC, has to be one heck of a challenge both on the ice and off. I mean not only do you have the staff and team looking after your every move, but you've got insane bloggers writing about every time you screw up on the penalty kill or power play. It cannot be easy, whether your the best player on the team or a guy that rarely plays.

There is always a slim chance that the staff could keep everyone on the team for the start of the season and make some tough decisions as the season progresses but I just don't see twenty eight guys getting on a plane to Ann Arbor next Tuesday. As good as it must feel to be the best coach in college hockey history, this is the one week of the year where it must stink to be Coach York. These aren't players from an old regime. Nope, these are his recruits. Guys that he offered the chance of a lifetime to play at Boston College, whether it was on scholarship or not. It must be the worst feeling in the world having to say to one of those kids "sorry, we don't have room".

I said I wouldn't make any predictions and I won't but I will say this- Danny Linell is going to play a bigger role on this team than I originally thought. The staff really likes him back there on defense even though he struggled at the end of last season. I'd be shell shocked if he isn't in the starting lineup next Thursday. However, there is an exhibition game Sunday afternoon and it could be the biggest game of the year for some guys  (no joke). This could be their final shot at making a last impact on the staff (assuming they wait that long to make cuts). If and when they do make these decisions, I don't expect that there will be more than two or three. Maybe one defenseman and two forwards, nothing too major.

Once again, here is the projected lineup as of today. Minimal changes. Bold indicates major battle for spot.

Johnny G- Arnold- Cangelosi

Hayes- Fitzgerald- Calnan

Smith/Straight- Brown- Richardson

Straight/Smith- Sit/Gilmour- Silk

Matheson- McCoshen

Macleod- Santini

Doherty- Linell/ Savage (Linell in lead)

The interesting thing here is that Mike Sit continues to battle a lower body injury. He tried to skate in a red medical jersey today but only lasted about five minutes. If he can't stay healthy, then the door for Adam Gilmour to claim that final center spot is wide open. Also, Destry Straight is a little banged up but I wouldn't worry about that.

That's all for now. Tense couple of days upcoming in the land of Eagle Hockey.

Go Eagles !!

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