Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eagles Named To World Jr Team

Four Eagles, Thatcher Demko, Ryan Fitzgerald, Steve Santini, and Ian McCoshen have been named to the United States' World Jr Championship team. The tournament will take place from December 26th to January 5th in Malmo, Sweden. The guys will miss three BC games. Two in Pittsburgh and the Frozen Fenway game vs Notre Dame (unless the US doesn't make it past group play). Coach Brown will assist head coach Don Lucia (Minnesota) so he will be gone as well.

Again, great accomplishments but the last thing guys on this team need to do is go out and celebrate making the World Jr Team. They need to worry about this team and how they can avoid embarrassment at the hands of UNH this weekend. BC won't play for another twenty days after this weekend so four points would make Christmas a whole lot better.

Go Eagles.

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