Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Here are a few notes as the Eagles look to rebound vs UNH this weekend.

1. BC and Colorado College announced a deal to play each other over the next three seasons. They come here next year, we go out there twice the next two seasons after that.

2. Ryan Fitzgerald won Rookie of the Month and Johnny G won Player of the Month but the last thing this team needs right now is individual recognition. Great honors, obviously, but after last Saturday, all individual accolades should be taken and thrown out the window.

3. Mike Matheson did not make the Canada World Jr Championship team. I know that this greatly upsets Mike but it is not an indicator of his talent or skill. We all know how good of a hockey player he is. When he is able to take his game up to that next notch, he will be playing on a team a heck of a lot bigger than that country's junior team.

4. The United States roster comes out tomorrow. There will be some Eagles on it. Stay tunned to see who. Those guys on the team will miss BC's tournament in Pittsburgh and most likely the Frozen Fenway game vs Notre Dame.

5. I haven't been over to watch practice lately but expect some big lineup changes. This ship doesn't have a few cracks, it's gotta couple of giant holes and we have to figure out how to fix it. Soon.

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