Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Photo from Dave Arnold

There are solid recruits. There are really good ones. And then there are the ones that people will remember for a long time. This afternoon, Noble and Greenough forward Miles Wood (Manchester, Ma) committed to Boston College over arch nemesis Boston University. I've been watching ISL hockey for a long time and I've seen some legendary high school hockey players but this kid is the best I have ever seen. I go to a local ISL school and the school's team played Nobles a few weeks ago. About seven minutes into the game, a Nobles defenseman flung the puck around the boards to Miles who beat one forward and created a one on one matchup vs an opposing defenseman at the opposing blue line. Miles just trickled the puck past this kid's legs and made one power move to the net, scoring the first goal for Bulldogs. I think the defenseman is trying to figure out what happened. Think of Johnny G, just a bigger and more physical version of him. Two nights later, he recorded 4 points in a 7-1 rout of BBN.

What can I say ? This is as big as it gets. Beating those guys down the street for the best recruit in the country ? It doesn't get any sweeter than that. According to sources, Miles will go back to Nobles next year to play for coach Brian Day and then matriculate to BC in the fall of 2015. If Johnny G leaves after this year, expect Miles to accelerate. 

What a day in Eagle hockey world.


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  1. I don't think you throwaround comparisons to Johnny G lightly. Wow