Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Top 5 Program Improvements

I hate the offseason. It's killing me. I don't know about you but I'm ready for the snow to start falling again. Anyways, today I thought we would take a look at the top five things that the program, as a whole, can do to be more successful. I'm not really talking about x's and o's, rather what the athletic department and the staff can do to make the program that much better than it already is. 

1. One more forward in the 2014 recruiting class. I've probably said this over 1000 times but it's something I can't stress enough. Our top four scorers from last season are gone but for some reason, we only have three forwards coming in to replace them. As I said earlier, I expect each newcomer to earn a spot in the starting lineup come next October, heck Tuch/Milano/Hanifin will probably start and play first power play unit. I think the staff still plans on bringing one more guy in because I believe they do have one more scholarship (Johnny G's) to use. It's not going to be Miles Wood so I'm not really sure what they will do. Maybe Colin White? Highly doubtful 

2. Improvements to Kelly Rink. Let's be honest for a second here. There are probably five rinks in Hockey East that are much better than the Eagles home. Now, there is no chance they blow the place up and build a brand new state of the art rink like BU or Notre Dame but it would be nice to make some improvements. First of all, they have to get rid of the plastic seats. They're the most uncomfortable things ever. The chairs at Agganis are the type of chairs you could take a nap in. I stand up the whole game because BC's are so uncomfortable. Secondly, I would like to see them update their concessions. The hot dogs stink, the pretzels are horrible, and the ice cream is all packaged stuff. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, I would like to see BC buy Cleveland Circle rink (right across the Reservoir) update it, and use it as a practice rink. The biggest recruiting disadvantage the staff has is telling kids that they won't be practicing very much at their own rink. Coaches at BU and Notre Dame use this as a major emphasis when recruiting the same kids BC does. They have their own rink to practice in and use 24/7. We don't. 

3. New jerseys. I'm a uniform guy. Always have been. I flat out despise our current uniforms. They're the type of uniforms a squirt team wheres. They're not classic at all, they have too many stars and stripes, the lettering is awful, and most of all our helmets are the most plain things ever. My favorite uniform in college hockey is Minnesota's. I want to see BC go back to the gold helmets. Those things were amazing. At the very least, they have to go back to the ones worn from 2001-2011. The BC patch on the shoulder and the classic maroon and gold jerseys with two or three stripes were perfect. I don't know why the heck we got rid of them. Here is a nice article from the boys at BC Interruption on what they want to see in a new jersey. 

4. Trying to get more "big name" schools to come to Chestnut Hill. I am very confused as to why we play four games out in Minnesota yet they are only coming here for one game on the day after Thanksgiving? We've played out at Michigan close to five times in the last decade yet they haven't been here since before I was even alive (but they're coming this year). I saw an idea on a message board a few days ago that I liked. Why not have BC and BU each bring in a big name school (North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan) and have both games be played at the Garden. I think it would draw a tremendous crowd. The other thing I would like to see go on the schedule is a non-conference game against BU. When it comes to BU, I could care less if we're playing for a bag of M and M's. Why not schedule one or two non-conference games against them every year. Maybe even have it at the Garden like Michigan and Michigan State do @ Joe Louis Arena. As much as fans want to see the Michigans and Minnesotas of the world, nothing beats playing BU.  Nothing. 

5. More defenseman recruits. Right now, the staff has just two defensemen coming in over the next two years, Hanifin and Fitzgerald (2015). I expect that at least two guys from this upcoming years defensive core will be gone so they have to find a way to fill that void very quickly. Keep an eye out for USNTDP defenseman Zach Werenski. All signs point to him going to Michigan but maybe the staff will make one last push. There are also some great local talents such as Ryan Shea (BC High) and Luke McInnis (Hingham, Marty's son). 

Go Eagles. 

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