Thursday, May 29, 2014

Who Do You Have ?

While searching through the internet today, I came across a really cool chart from Yost Built, a Michigan hockey blog (he is no longer writing but still a great twitter follow). The chart listed five players from each position (goalie, two D, LW/C/RW) and each player had a price ranging from one dollar to five dollars. The best players were five dollars and it went down in descending order. Obviously, we've been fortunate to have so many great players throughout the history of our program but I narrowed the chart down from 1985 to the present. You have $18 to spend on your starting six guys. I know I left a lot of great players off. I tend to favor the recent guys because those are the ones I have been following. Anyways, have fun with it

If you would like, please comment your team using the comment function, you can also email it to me.

My team would be- Johnny G, Marty Reasoner, Cam Atkinson, Matti Kaltianinen, Greg Brown, and Peter Harrold. That is $17.


  1. LW - Gerbe 4
    C - Reasoner 2
    RW - McInnis 1
    D1 - Dumo 1
    D2 - Leetch 5
    G - Schneider 5

  2. G- Milner 1
    D- Leetch 5
    D- Alberts 2
    LW- Johnny 5
    C- Boyle 3
    RW - Cam 2

  3. G - Scheider
    D - Leetch
    D - Dumoulin
    LW - Johnny H
    C - Gibbons
    RW - McInnis

  4. LW Gerbe 4
    RW Gionta 4
    C Gibbons 1
    D Leetch 5
    D Dumo 1
    G Muse 3

  5. G Schneider $5
    D Leetch $5 (how could you not?)
    D Dumo $1
    LW Kreider $2 (steal, will be second best pro behind Leetch)
    C Boyle $3
    RW Atkinson $2

  6. G Schneider
    D Leetch
    D Hodge (Played some D and W)
    W D Shea
    C Janney
    W Stevens