Sunday, August 3, 2014

Milano Watch

This afternoon, Jeff Marek from in Ontario tweeted that Sonny Milano was set to announce that he was bolting Boston College for the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL. Since then, all hell has broken loose on Twitter. I saw the tweet and was soon told that Milano had deleted the part of his Twitter bio that read "#13 Boston College Eagles".  I immediately looked like I had seen a ghost and a friend of mine commented that I was probably ten times more upset than any of the staff was.

Anyways, since about 7 PM, multiple sources have indicated to me that the staff fully expects Sonny Milano to be on campus this September. In fact, Coach Ayers is up in Lake Placid with Milano for US World Jr team tryouts and no one from the BC camp has been informed that Milano is indeed gone. A handful of other trustworthy reporters such as Mike McMahon and Andrew Weiss have also stated that their sources indicated that Milano was going to BC this fall.

So, here is what we have to work with, I trust Coach York and the staff more than anyone and I believe that if they had any inkling that he was going to bolt to the OHL, they would have a backup plan. They're not going to field a team of 13 forwards next fall (which would be the number if Milano does go, I believe). On the other hand, it appears to me that BC is very confident that Milano is going to end up here. I mean, he is up in Lake Placid with about half of our squad so you would like to that think he would man up and make a decision one way or another instead of leaving his teammates, coaches, fans, and blogger out to dry.

Go Eagles.

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