Sunday, August 3, 2014

Support Pete Frates, the Fight Against ALS, and My Challenge to You

Over the past few months, the Boston College community has come together to help one of it's own fight perhaps the deadliest disease known to man. Peter Frates, a 2007 graduate and baseball player @ BC, has valiantly been fighting ALS for some time now and in the past few weeks his "ice bucket challenge" has gone viral all around the nation, which includes a video from Coach York. Basically, you take a bucket of ice water and dump it over your head but not before you chose someone to challenge you, which they must respond to within 48 hours.

The amount of courage and toughness it must take for a young man to stand up and fight this awful disease is something I cannot even begin to comprehend but I think that each of us in the BC Hockey community can do something, even if it's as small as dumping a bucket of ice water on top our heads, to help this young man out. I am going to try and do this challenge this afternoon and I will post a video onto the blog's twitter page (assuming I know how to do that). So, it is my challenge to each one of you to try and attempt this challenge and continue to spread the word throughout the BC community. 

Keep fighting Pete and Go Eagles. 

Here is a link to Coach York's video.

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