Tuesday, December 2, 2014

7 Eagles Named to US National Preliminary Team Roster

Five current and two future Boston College Eagles were named to US National Jr team this afternoon. Thatcher Demko, Ian McCoshen, Steve Santini, Noah Hanifin, and Alex Tuch were the current players named to the squad while Jeremy Bracco and Miles Wood were the two future birds that got the call. Santini, McCoshen, and Demko were all on the team last season.

When the roster was announced, two things immediately jumped out at me. I knew Bracco would make it because he is arguably the most talented 17 year old in the North America but the fact that his teammate and potential first round NHL draft pick Colin White did not make the team was a huge surprise for me. Bracco is more of a Johnny Gaudreau type player who can do magical things with the puck while White is a Brian Gibbons type with more of a pro upside. Obviously, we're happy for Jeremy and hopeful that he gets a chance to play in the tournament (they will still make a couple more cuts) but at the same time, we're certainly dumfounded by the fact that White didn't get a nod.

The biggest surprise of the day for a lot of people was that Nobles forward Miles Wood made the roster as the only high school player. I've said over 200 times that he is the best player I've ever seen in the ISL but people just refuse to believe me. Hopefully this gives blogger a little more credibility.

Congrats to Thatcher, Steve, Ian, Alex, Noah, Jeremy, and Miles and good luck at camp!

Go Eagles.

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