Saturday, December 20, 2014

All Eagles Survive First Cuts

The US World Jr team made their first cuts last night following a 5-2 victory over a depleted BU squad in front of a packed Walter Brown Arena. Not unexpectedly, Ian McCoshen, Steve Santini, and Thatcher Demko did not dress which is a strong indication that they will make the roster, possibly with the exception of Santini because of his wrist injury.

The WJC staff, which include Coach Ayers, released Michael McCarron, Jack Dougherty, and Adam Erne. I saw all three of these guys for the first time last night so I don't have much to offer in terms of a "scouting report" but Erne was on the team last year so it came as a bit of surprise to some. 

With those three being gone, it means that BC recruits Jeremy Bracco and Miles Wood survived the first round of cuts. I've seen both play a bunch but if you went out and saw them for the first time, you immediately notice the skill of Bracco and the power of Wood. They're two totally different looking players. Bracco was probably the second smallest kid on the entire ice while Wood, who is an absolute monster, appeared small compared to some of the giants on the US squad. Obviously, it looks really good for BC if they can land 7 guys (Santini, McCoshen, Demko, Tuch, Hanifin, Wood, and Bracco) on the team. It can't hurt in the recruiting race vs BU and Michigan for start forward Auston Matthews. Congrats to Jeremy and Miles, the fact that an 18 year old of that stature (Bracco) and a kid from the ISL are playing on the World Jr team is a strong testament to the development model across the nation. 

As for the current guys, I thought it was the best Alex Tuch looked all season and Noah Hanifin recorded a shorthanded goal in the first period, which I unfortunately missed. 

The future looks bright ! 

Go Eagles

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