Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Updates from WJC

The BC guys @ WJC- Coach Ayers, McCoshen, Tuch, Demko, Wood, Santini, Bracco, and Hanifin. Photo from Dave Arnold. I know, the background is awful.
Couple of updates to run through-

World Jr  camp started today @ Walter Brown Arena. Representing the Eagles were Ian McCoshen, Noah Hanifin, Thatcher Demko, Alex Tuch, along with recruits Miles Wood and Jeremy Bracco.

The most important news of the day was that Steve Santini skated but did not participate in contact drills, according to those that were there. He will have surgery to remove the pins in his wrist on Monday. Someone tweeted earlier that he is one of the top contenders for the captaincy but I'm not sure what the deal is there.

McCoshen, Hanifin, Demko, and Santini (if healthy) are all locks. I thought Tuch was on the fence but they had him playing on the top line with Jack Eichel and Tyler Motte (Michigan) so I think it's safe to say he's on the team.

Everyone knows I think Miles Wood is the next big thing so I obviously think he's going to make the squad but from what I've heard, he is squarely on the bubble. I talked with a people who attended practice and they said he is without a doubt one of the quickest guys on the ice (he's also one of the biggest forwards) but his "skills" may not be up to par with what they need. That's insane.

Bracco is without a doubt the most talented player the staff has coming in next year, heck he may be the most talented recruit they've ever landed (that includes G). He's young and jus tone of two guys trying out from the U18 team (Matthews) but I'd put he's chances of making it at 75%.

Lastly, Thatcher Demko's WHL rights were traded from Spokane to Calgary this afternoon but I wouldn't worry about this at all. Even Calgary's GM stated that it's a long shot that they get the BC netminder and Demko seems to be enjoying it @ BC.

Go Eagles.

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