Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bracco Final Cut, Wood Makes It, Santini Awaits Fate

Incoming recruit Jeremy Bracco was one of the final two forward cuts for the US World Jr team last night shortly after their 10-5 win over Sweden. Alex Tuch continued his stellar play with three goals while prized recruit Auston Matthews potted two for the red, white, and blue.

Bracco, along with Cole Cassels, were the final two forward cuts for the Americans. In talking to people all week, I gathered that while Bracco was probably one of the more talented forwards on the team, the US staff was probably looking for more size and age for one of their bottom six forwards. I'm not really stunned by the move because it was apparently a strong possibility but it's still a bit of a stunner for some, nonetheless. I'm sure Jeremy is disappointed but he'll have another opportunity to play next year and he could certainly use this as motivation.

The cuts of Bracco and Cassels mean that Miles Wood surprised everyone (except some blogger) and made the team. The only other decision the US staff must now make is that of Steve Santini. His wrist injury has prevented him from skating in any games. It is expected that they will announce whether or not he made it within the next two days, my guess is that he will because if you want to contain McDavid, you have to take Santini.

Go Eagles.

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