Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Athletic Department To Provide Cost of Attendance Stipends

Earlier this year, Boston College was the only Power 5 team to vote against the cost of attendance stipends which would give student athletes extra money to spend on living expenses. Although BC was the only "nay" in the meeting, they fully expected that the measure would pass and had always planned on providing funds to athletes on scholarship. I cannot speak for other programs because I don't know what their situation is but I do know that the athletic department will be providing the cost of attendance to men's ice hockey players. I would assume that every other program on campus would get some kind of support, whether it is for all players or only the ones that are on full rides.

The only other teams in Hockey East that have also come out and stated they will provide the COAs are UMass-Amherst, Providence, and Notre Dame. At the end of the day, I think every institution will eventually put this into action, however, UMaine has said that they will not be able to provide their student athletes with this money.

No matter what the actual amount of money is (I assume around $2,700), this should certainly help the staff in their recruiting efforts. Personally, I am an advocate for the payment of student-athletes and I think this is a good start but as time goes on, I think you will see that number of 2,000-3,000 increase substantially.

Go Eagles


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