Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Preseason Hockey East Picks

Although it is still probably a bit early to do this, I got an email a couple nights ago about my preseason Hockey East projections so I figured I would post them on the blog before I forgot. Of course, I am always a bit biased towards BC guys but I actually think most of the picks will be unanimous. Under a month baby!

My predicted order of finish-

1. Obviously

2. UMass- Lowell

3. Boston University

4. Providence

5. Northeastern

6. UConn

7. Vermont

8. Merrimack

9. Notre Dame

10. UNH

11. UMass

12. Maine

First team all Hockey East- Tuch (BC), Roy (NU), Bracco (BC), McCoshen (BC), Grzelyck (BU), Demko (BC)

That is all they asked for. Go Eagles !

1 comment:

  1. Bro are u serious with all American team hahaha what a Homer ... good luck with your pick of finishing 1 .... u never seem to amaze me how much hate u have for the boys from comm ave... I love it can't wait for this season ... take care buddy