Monday, October 3, 2011

T minus four days.

We are almost there folks, just four more days till the pucks drops on the 2011-2012 season. I was able to get out of school early today and attended practice to see how the Eagles look. I thought a couple people looked really good. The usuals looked good I thought. Kreider, Carey, Cross, and Dumoulin. When you get to watch the guys up close its really amazing how hard they can shoot the puck. Chris Kreider may have the best snap shot I have ever seen at the college level. Some guys I thought were good but need some improvement were Pat Wey, Bill Arnold, and Kevin Hayes. One guy that is quickly turning into one of my personal favorites on the team just by watching him play hockey is John Gaudreau. Gaudreau was flying around the ice, and was placed on the second line with Steve Whitney and Kevin Hayes. The highlight of the practice for me was that I got to speak with Coach York. The first thing that Coach told me was how much he really likes this team. He likes the goaltending this team has and believes it can be very good. When Coach York thinks his team is good, you know they are going to be pretty darn good. Ill have my preview for Michigan State on Thursday. Get excited it's hockey season (almost)

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